The fastest, handiest strategy to trim rows of shrubs and bushes or style detailed and intricate landscaping is using a powered hedge trimmer. Additionally, they supply you with the capacity to prune perennials, grasses and ground cover. High-quality trimmers should provide a clean, even cut, giving your yard a wonderful, well-groomed appearance. This article will help you comprehend the several types of power sources, blades featuring so you can discover the hedge trimmer suitable for your personal project.

By using a hedge trimmer, you'll groom and sculpt all of your bushes in a tiny part of the time, in order to save money time trimming and much more time enjoying your yard. All you need to decide is which can be much better, electric or gas?

Electric Hedge Trimmers

With no requirement for gas and oil, electric hedge trimmers use the mess and equipment maintenance from trimming your hedges. They feature other benefits too:


Environmentally friendly


Whether you choose battery power-powered or a corded plug-in hedge trimmer, you'll find it's incredibly user-friendly and convenient. If you're searching for something that's convenient to carry and doesn't require understanding of small engines, here is the tool to suit your needs.

Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers

Gas hedge trimmers provide more power than their electric counterparts. They likewise have more features to create trimming pleasant, including a few of the following examples:

Vibration dampening systems

Adjustable handles that rotate up to 180 degrees

Exhaust systems designed to direct exhaust outside the user

Gas hedge trimmers use 2-cycle engines, so you'll must mix gas and oil in the fuel tank. However, they're suitable for large yards that require more heavy-duty trimming. Because there's no cord, you're liberated to roam wherever the hedges require.

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Choosing the best Cut

Dual blades cut either in direction from each side in the plant. Blade sizes vary from as small as 5 inches to have an electric detail trimmer to 26-inch blades for heavy-duty cutting. Most blades cut branches up to 3/4 inches, but larger capacity trimmers are offered. A hand guard is supplied for safety.

Weight and balance are very important since you'll be holding the device at chest height or higher. Occasionally, you'll even be using the tool together with your arms extended. Some models offer telescoping poles to prolong your reach.

Considerations When Selecting Hedge Trimmers


Hedge trimmers are powerful tools, but the volume of power you may wield using a trimmer varies by product. The principle indicator of power will be the source of energy.

Gas hedge trimmers will take a better level of capacity to hedge trimming than electric models. But electric models offer a number of power levels too. Individuals with an increased voltage can tackle harder jobs faster than a number of the cheaper models that come at a lower voltage.

The level of power you will need is entirely influenced by the sorts of hedges you’ll be trimming, their size, and the volume of power you’re comfortable wielding.


With hedge trimmers, a few things you’ll pay limited for are higher power and greater convenience. The least expensive hedge trimmers will likely be corded, lightweight models that are best for simpler jobs. These could cost well under $30.

When you add in the comfort of a cordless model, the minimum price jumps around around $60, however your ability to trim more hedges from further away from the house increases significantly. Such things as a higher-powered battery, longer blade, and faster charging time can all improve the cost at the same time, but make bigger jobs easier.

Gas hedge trimmers routinely are more expensive than electric ones, starting at about $250 and increasing to in excess of $500 in price. The bigger-cost gas models are helpful for contractors and businesses, some home users must be able to satisfy the requirements with a more affordable choice.


Hedge trimmers include a selection of blade lengths. Longer ones can make it easier to trim your hedges more evenly, or they are often hard to manage and unwieldy if you’re employed in a strict space.

For almost all typical hedges, an 18" blade will work just fine. Should your hedges are bigger than usual, a 20" blade or larger will make the project easier, if you have the room to transfer it. If you’re unfamiliar with hedge trimming, beginning with a shorter blade is usually recommended, as it’s safer when you’re still becoming accustomed to the task.


A hedge trimmer’s weight carries a big influence on its convenience. Heavy hedge trimmers are harder to carry aloft and may wear even experienced users out quickly, nevertheless they tend to be more powerful. Lighter models will probably be much simpler and far better to use in general, particularly for anybody a novice to employing a hedge trimmer.

Ease of Use

As just addressed, weight is probably the biggest factors in convenience. One other component that makes a major difference is a hedge trimmer’s source of energy.

Gas models require more maintenance and might be harder to regulate, while electric models tend to be more lightweight as well as simple to start out. Cordless electric models provide even greater simplicity of use, since you might take them anywhere with out to take care of a cord.

Along with these main factors, a number of features be involved in simplicity. Some hedge trimmers allow a choice of an on lock, so you don’t need to press the trigger the entire time you’re working.

Wraparound handles make it easier to retain the trimmer comfortably for long time periods. A rotating blade makes it much simpler to secure your trimmer at different angles when you’re maneuvering around a fence or wall. Along with a cordless hedge trimmer that accompany an additional battery can help you save the problem of having to wait with a charge in order to complete a project.


Irrespective of what kind of hedge trimmer you get, it’s essential to read and stick to the manufacturer’s instructions to make certain safe use along with a extended life for your hedge trimmer. All hedge trimmers requires some maintenance, but the amount of work you must do can vary depending on several factors.

With gas trimmers, you’ll have to stay aware of exactly how much fuel they have got and refill together with the right combination of oil and gas whenever needed. You’ll also have to replace the spark plug periodically while keeping the intake vent clear. At the end of the season, you must run stabilizer from the engine and be sure you store the trimmer properly.

For all sorts of hedge trimmers, you should keep an eye on the blades and be sure they stay sharp. You might need to sharpen the blades you have or replace old blades with new ones every once in awhile to keep your hedge trimmer in good working order. And you’ll need to keep your hedge trimmer clean somewhere between uses at the same time.


Having a tool as powerful as being a hedge trimmer, safety needs to be a top concern. High-powered blades are nothing to take lightly. Anyone a novice to utilizing a hedge trimmer should make sure to go along with a light-weight model with good safety features and follow all instructions carefully. Even those who have been utilizing hedge trimmers for several years should take care not to get complacent and constantly treat the blades carefully during use.

Many hedge trimmers have features created to include safety with their use. Tooth extensions help you to maintain the blades further out of your body. Some hedge trimmers automatically cut capacity to the blade the instant you release the trigger, so there’s less likelihood of an accident. Plus some include front-handle shields which help you avoid moving your hand too near the blade during use.

At the very least as vital as any features that are included with the hedge trimmer would be the precautions users choose to take while they work. It’s a smart idea to use safety eyewear and gloves while using the a hedge trimmer to reduce your own personal risk and, for louder models, spend money on some earplugs or other hearing protection equipment too. And make sure to read through overall information provided by the maker before by using a new hedge trimmer in order to follow their safety guidelines by using your brand-new tool.


Cordless - A cordless electric hedge trimmer is a lot easier to use and assists you to go further from your house when you work without issue.

Tooth Extensions - Tooth extensions put more distance between the hedge trimmer’s blades plus your body, decreasing the danger of getting cut.

Dual Switches - Dual switches require both hands to work with the hedge trimmer, which improves the safety.

On Lock - An on lock makes it easier to utilize the trimmer for long periods of time, since you don’t ought to support the trigger along the whole time.

Off Lock - An off lock reduces the potential risk of someone accidentally turning the hedge trimmer on which is particularly suitable for anyone with kids inside your home.

Wraparound Handle - A wraparound handle makes it much simpler to support the hedge trimmer more comfortably while you work.

Warranty - A good warranty lets you know the producer stands by their product and offers satisfaction which you shouldn’t have too many problems.
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