Bangkok is a famous destination tour in South East Asia. It is one of the most compelling and contrasting cities in Asia. Its present day multi storey malls are a shopaholic?s paradise. You will find the city?s best fashion stores with many international brands, book shops, accessories and many luxury lifestyle design goods. Visitors from all over the world visit Bangkok to experience the beauty of Buddha?s smile. It is a city with a mixture of both modern and classic trends. While travelling to Bangkok these places are the must-go places in your Bangkok Tourism Package.

THE GRAND PALACE AND WAT PRAKAEW: This place continues to attract visitors with its magnificent architecture and intricate detail. Wat Prakaew enshrines the sacred image of Buddha which is exquisitively carved from a single emerald.

CHINATOWN: It is a colorful and exotic market area with more shops of gold. During major festivals there is a great buzz in this area if you happen to be around it then don?t miss the opportunity to witness the Chinatown at its best.

SOI COWBOY: This place was named after the cowboy who opened his first bar here, this place has a carnival like feel with neon lights flashing all around.

WAT PHO: If you came to Bangkok and didn?t go for a good Thai massage then your Bangkok tour đi thái lan package is incomplete. Wat Pho is famous for tua du lịch thái lan its traditional Thai Massage with temples having grand sculptures.

CHAO PHRAYA RIVER: This is the most popular Bangkok waterway. Every Bangkok tour đi thái lan package stays incomplete without a mention of `Chao Phraya River? in it. It has beautiful ferry rides with exquisite dinner cruise. Its magnificent beauty with a background of spectacular buildings makes a visit worth

There is more fun in exploring this city in the daylight. These are the top Bangkok day trips which will guarantee that you get obsessed with this city.

LUMPHINI PARK which takes you close to the nature: This Park is a perfect place for travelers of all the age with beautiful flora and fauna, boating, rowing and many more.

SAFARI WOLD: It is a home of exotic wildlife. Unlike the other zoos, the safari world lets the animals roam freely where you can drive and spot wildlife.

DREAM WORLD: It?s a theme park full of fun. This is one flawless place to visit in Bangkok with family and friends. It has amazing rides and is the ideal place to capture some fun memories.

THE ANCIENT CITY IN SAMUT PRAKAN: The easiest and nearest option on this list of Bangkok day trips doesn?t require an overnight stay. This place provides information about Thai culture and history. This place is actually shaped like Thailand with lots of Buddha Statues and garden full of greenery and beautiful flowers.

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