Asia has 46 countries. If you look at the World map, you will basically see two large masses of land. The American continent and the combination of three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. These three are linked together.

Europe is above Africa and just to the East of it is Asia. In fact there are two countries which lie both in Asia and Europe. The first and the largest is Russia which straddles from East Europe to the top of Japan in the Far East. And the other country is Turkey which has a small portion in Europe and the rest in Asia.

The three continents of Europe Africa and Asia are connected in this region called West Asia where Egypt in Africa is the next door neighbour of countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia which are in Asia.

The continent of Asia is subdivided into regions and each region has a number of countries. The Western-most part is West Asia and has many countries around the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf some of which are very prosperous parts in the Whole World like Dubai in UAE.

Just above Turkey and Iran, next to it, are two great inland lakes which are so big that they are called seas: Black Sea above Turkey and pasarqq Iran has Caspian Sea above it. The Region around these seas is called Central Asia and has countries which were in USSR, the erstwhile countries which were part of undivided Russia before 1991 and include Asian countries like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan etc.

Then the central most part of Asia is dominated by the large country, China with North and South Korea and Japan further east of China. North of China is Mongolia and the Indian subcontinent is just South of China. The Great Himalayan mountain range, the tallest mountain range on this planet, forms the natural boundary between China and India.

India has a central position in the map of Asia and there is an entire ocean named after it, the Indian Ocean that washes the shores of Africa and Australia too. India is surrounded by many small countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

Beside India, further East, are a cluster of countries including four island countries which form the Region called South East Asia. The Equator passes through one of these island countries, Indonesia which is the only country in Asia through which the Equator passes. It also passes through the territorial waters of Maldives, another island country near Sri Lanka.

So to know about the countries of Asia, it would help if you knew about the main regions as told here and then you could also learn to draw the map of Asia from memory and also learn to draw all the 46 countries exactly on location.

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