The Trump Network Domain was registered in December 2007. It is obvious this company is really owned by the one and only Billionaire Entrepreneur Donald Trump. The Trump Network is designed to lead millions of americans to better health and financial independence. Donald Trump says that this MLM Opportunity is for everyone, and that even he is involved in it personally on the same level you would be, as a distributor. What I believe Donald is trying to portray is leadership by example here.

image class="left" url=""To achieve this goal The Trump Network has developed a really great plan with a unique group of products and built-in support infrastructure. They say that this journey will be a great one for the people who become involved, and that people will have a lot of fun and hopefully also earn a lot of extra money in the process.

The products currently offered by The Trump Network are unique Vitamins and Nutritional Products. The company behind this believes there are 4 phases to the development of a product which are Novelty, Acceptance, Popular and Household Name. Right now they are in the middle of the Popular phase which is the best time to join.

The main product offered is called PrivaTest. What this product does is allow you to take a test in the privacy of your own home, which will tell you which type of supplements you should be taking and in what quantities to help achieve optimum health. This product was developed with help of one of the most recognized Nutritional Laboratories.

Once you get the results from your PrivaTest, the next step is to design a custom tailored nutritional plan for yourself which they call the Custom Essentials plan. This plan is formulated from 50 pharmaceutical grade nutrients. And this plan is delivered to your doorstep for less than $2.00 per day. You'll be supplied each month a 30 day, lam visa han quoc individually wrapped supply of Custom Essentials. So once each day all you need to do is open the packs and consume the vitamins.

The company also offers the Silhouette Solution weight loss program. This product is becoming very popular and represents 22% of the sales for the entire company just 7 months after it was released on the market.

The Trump Network has a mission of enabling their sales reps to becoming financially independent by through education, training materials and cutting-edge health and wellness products. The Different Start-Up plans they offer are the Marketer Kit, Fast Start Business Starter Kit (BSK), the Auto Ship 100 CV Plan and the $500.00 Fast Start Bonus. Each time you bring someone into the Fast Start Bonus Program, you will receive $100.00.

The Trump Network also has a convention planned in Miami, FL scheduled in November 2009 where the brightest minds in Network Marketing are supposed to be attending.
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